Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Everybody looks like they are having so much fun!
The shoes are cool,
the signs are snappy,
the shirts are dapper,
the bags just rock...

Not so sure that Mr President is having such a great time....
but I am luvin' the vintage pic!

 Sooooo...I found a vintage leather tooled
bowling bag at a thrift
for $3.00.  
I have been looking on the net at various vintage bags to see what the value might be and
I came upon these awesome vintage
ball toters.  ; )

Some kewl OLD pins....

Some really artsy signs....

Gotta have the right
dapper shirts and shoes of course.  ; )

I was never any good at it,
but I've had some great times with
friends bowling.

Oh this song below brings back such great memories!
Singing Raffi songs on the way
to SLC to see
the grand parents 
with my tiny kiddos.

The Bowling song!!!!  ; )

I coupla expert bowlers.
Well, one is bowling,
and the other is the
They are THE most adorable bowlers I 
have ever seen.  ; )

Grandkids are da bomb.....

It's Taco Tuesday again!  
Think I'll have two,
how about you?

Love to all you little
taco eaters!!!

xoxoxo d

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