Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What's Up?

A few random pictures from livin' my life.
So here's what's up....

Terry's room.
His medical equipment keeps me awake, 
so we have two bedrooms.

I painted his room and am not quite done with decorating it yet.
The quilt is from the 60's.
His mom made it.
The pic on the right is Terry
from last fall in his Corvette on the
Laguna Secca Raceway.
I am searching for an adequate red Danish Emblem to frame in baby blue
and put on the right of the self.
He IS a Danish Prince, you know.

My room.
Painted it sky blue, but kept the trim natural.
I love my stereo.  ; )
I love my random collection of crockery.

Part of my kitchen after I harvested some
veggies and started to make a 
veggie dish.

A lovely petite casserole 
made of home grown veggies; 
tomatoes, zuchs, sweet basil...
and brown rice.  

A few of my thrift finds.
This is an embroidered piece.
It is from Sunset Designs in
Dublin California.
I purchased it for $2 at DI.
I worked at Sunset Designs in
the shipping department the summer after my freshman
year of college.
This one was my favorite piece at that time!
It represented the little cabin in the woods that
I wanted to live a river.
(which I actually ended up doing!)

This plate is a thrifty find from
Love the colors and
the Peter Max feel of it.

A plastic dining plate that I found
for 69 cents at DI.
I think it is a beautiful piece of art.
I display it in my bedroom.
; )

These thrifty deals make me wanna dance!
I feel like dancing in the moonlight!
Join me!!!!

Isn't she fantastic???
I just heard her for the first time today.
I'm off to download some of her songs.

let's make Thursday a day to remember,
filled with lots of
giggles and milkshakes.  ; )

Love to all my family and friends,
and the new friends who are
viewing this little blog.
xo d

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