Friday, August 26, 2011

sun through glass

Sometimes I just want to look at pretty pictures.


All of this jewelry is from Etsy.
Just put in "blue glass"  or "green glass" in the search option on Etsy
and tons of gorgeous pictures come up.

These are some of the pics I have taken over the years....
sun and glass.

Sunshine just makes me soooooo happy.

And so does Jason.
I think we are connected somehow...
I wish I had written this song!!!
; )

One more for the road.


Ya, gotta little blue/green obsession at times.  ; )

Jumpin' ja-ho-se-fat!
It's Friday!
Have a glorious pre-weekend day.
Love to you all
my little
sweet gherkins. ; )
xoxxoox d

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