Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lawrence, or Larry for short....

I was skimming through the TV channels the other day
and a1968 
Lawrence Welk Show
came on.

I stopped to watch a second.
I was mesmerized. 
I couldn't stop looking at their clothes.
I watched the whole show.
(my mom and dad would be so proud...
my siblings might call me 'traitor').

The kicker is...
I was ENJOYING it!!!!
(I did not mean to betray you, 
Steven, Michael, Judy, Kathleen, and Nancy).  ; )

They were all totally 'MOD'.
I found some examples....


Arthur was wearing these lovely gold booties.  ; )

Their clothes looked like this....

Wasn't that wonnnn-erful?

Below is a treasure I found at a local thrift.
I yelped with joy and laughter when I found it.
It is small, for a child.
I bet if my parents had known they existed,
they would have bought six of them for us to eat snacks
in front of the TV on Lawrence Welk night.


I don't remember all the names of the Lennon sisters, 
but my sisters do.

Sally and Sandy.  
They were the Mormon girls.

Lawrence was so contemporary and up with the times.

Oops...that was the 70's.  Sorry.
It was 1975.
I better go.
I am laughing hysterically at these two disco dancers...
and I need to go repent.

have a 
maaaaaahvelous Monday,
as Mr. Welk would say.

I know... it was 1971. ; )
Lawrence had just discovered the Nehru jacket.
You know it was the Beatles that made them popular.
See?  He was trying! 

Hugs and love to you all...

xoxxo d

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