Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Featured Musician: Kenny Rankin

I was going to college at BYU in 1978... I think it was '78.  ; )
I saw a man in the BYU library on the first floor in special collections
who was exceptionally handsome.
I ran up to my sister Nancy who worked on the 4th floor to tell her about him.
I described him as looking like Kenny Rankin.
Lo and behold,
he had just asked her out!  ; )
He ended up being my

Here is Kenny.

I saw him in concert that same year up at Sundance Theater.

My favorite album of his.
I listened to it 
over and over and over in High School.

Another good one.

Kenny in action...

Love it.

Just by chance I came across
Jason Mraz doing a cover of this song!
He's the la la la la life is wonderful guy!

Here HE is...

So disappointing and sad.
I found out Kenny died in 2009. 
: (
Hope you have enjoyed his music as much as I did/do.

on a different note,
did anyone else see this picture and think
Pres. Obama was stepping out of a fridge
at first glance?
(tee hee)
Or is it just me......

Hope you have an exceptional Wednesday

and that you have a 
happy song 
in your heart.
Love to you all!

xoxoxoxo d

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