Tuesday, August 16, 2011

60's Fabric

I have become fascinated with the history of vintage fabric.
I know, it doesn't take alot to
entertain me.  ; )


"While focusing on colours and tones, accessories were less of an importance during the sixties. People were dressing in psychedelic prints, highlighter colours, and mismatched patterns.[3] 

As the suits drifted away from pale, toned shades, menswear was now bright and colorful. 

Variations of polyester were worn along with acrylics

Velvet mini dresses with lace-collars and matching cuffs

. Paisley was particularly popular during the Summer of Love, heavily identified with psychedelic style and the interest in Indian spirituality and culture."

Fabric definitely took a turn for the colorful.

Some lovely vintage fabric....

I am filled with nostalgia.
Are you?

Even cartoons were colorful!!!

BTW, Peter Max had a huge influence on 60's fabric!

Peter Max

Oh my.
She is very colorful, eh?

Enjoy your summery summer day, 
little lovelies!
Love to you all!
xoxo d

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  1. A lady posted a bunch of fabrics that looks an awful lot like these on craigslist last week for $30. I will have to check if they are still there and get them for you :)


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