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Vera Neumann (born Vera Salaff, July 24, 1907 – June 15, 1993) was an American artist and entrepreneur best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves signed "Vera".

Her designs in the 60-'s and 70's  were a rage.
Now they are super collectable and featured
in museums!

She made her first scarves out of recycled parachute material during WWII
due to lack of materials during the war.

I have come to appreciate her artistry more and more as I 
age.  ; )

Here's more of her glorious designs.

Later, she also did aprons, kitchen towels, hot pad holders, etc. 

People are making things out of her scarves now....

I didn't appreciate her as much when a youngster!
I now find her scarves in thrift stores, and
I love them!

She also painted.

There is a book about her.

All of this color is so wonderful.

Let's get jiggy wit it!  ; )

I remembered you cuz my sister Nancy and I use to 
dance with scarves and listen to your songs really loud
when our parents went out to dinner on
Wednesday nights. 
Wish I could see that now.
(tee hee....)

Have an exceptional Thursday,
my yummy friends and family.
Love to you all!
xo d

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  1. Wow, I had one of her scarves in highschool but had no idea who she was or that it was valuable! Just a pretty thrift store find and I loved her little signature on the bottom :)


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