Tuesday, June 07, 2011


In a quest to be more healthy,
I have partaken of the following snacks.

The Pom goes into the carbonated water, one tablespoon per glass.
Chipped ice.

My problem is, I am eating healthier
but then I eat more,
as I am addicted to these healthy snacks.
Geez!!!!!   ; )

Got any ideas to help me???????

Maybe I should dance my snackies away.

Here's my grandson, maybe HE can teach me how.

Pretty snappy dance, eh?
He learned it from watching the waiters and waitresses at
Texas Roadhouse restaurant.
(tee hee!!!)
What a cutie.

That makes me think of steak and salad.
mmmmmmm...think I need a snack.  ; )

Have a marvelous Wednesday!

xoxoxo d

1 comment:

  1. Its so bright and cheerful here!

    I cured my snacky angst by snacking on fruit and veg. That way I can eat as much as I want,lol


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