Thursday, May 19, 2011

new shoes

Today is a beautiful day
and I want new shoes.
Springy shoes. 
Shoes that will make me feel young and cute.
(I sure ask alot of my shoes....)

Swedish Hasbeens:
Recycling styles from the 70's.
I so want a pair of these $250 plus shoes.
(In my dreams....)

I love that socks with sandals look.
Think I could pull it off?

Ya, I won't try cuz the outcome would probably be
a little different than those young, 
skinny things at the top of the page.  ; )

Think I'll get dressed and put some new shoes on....

Here's to a wonderful Thursday!
Hoping you'll get some bright, new, shiney shoes!!!!!!

Love to ya!
xoxxoxo d


  1. I had a pair just like those when I was a kid!
    I called them my high heels and thought I was so sophisticated,lol. But they were not practical for playing in, and I was forever knocking my ankles with that heavy heel.

    So socks and sandals are "in" now? Hot damn!
    I'll be in style,heehee


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