Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like Mama Like Daughter

I have been thinking about our third little grand baby
that will be born in November. 
It dawned on me that our little Pen will be the middle child,
just like her mother.

They are so much alike.  ; )

This is our little Wawa in 1983 dancing cheek to cheek with her Papa 
when we lived in the wilds of Idaho 
in our little cabin.
Big blue eyes, eh?

This is our little Pen on her last visit,
touching Papa's beard.

Her personality is just like her mama's too.
She made me laugh......ALOT!

Tara was the comedian, too.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Pen's visit last summer.
This is with her aunt Nene at Nene's piano.

Oh this little girl just shines, doesn't she?

It's time for a happy song....

That happy song felt good.
Play it again and....

let's dance!!!!!

Have a good one, kiddos!
Love ya!
xoxoxo d


  1. hey, I made it on over! :) love the post about saarinan - totally dig this style too... xx

  2. Much like her mama, but after her Aunt Tagen's heart! Penelope loves cuddling big stinky dogs and getting dirt under her nails. EEW.

  3. I can hardly wait to see what she loves when she grows up. Will she terrorize her mother with spiders and doggies and snails?
    Tee hee.....
    xoxxo nana


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