Tuesday, November 15, 2016

To the Moon

I've been teaching my grandson some songs.
He is partial to Frank Sinatra, 
so we started with
"Fly Me To The Moon"
 on youtube. 

He is doing faaaaaaaan-tastic!
He has all these cool gestures
and slides his voice...
I'm lovin' it!

he has taught it to his sisters and it is
all they sing around the house these days.
Their mother has asked to have a break from
"Fly Me To The Moon"
as they sing it all day.
We are taking a break as requested.
But YOU don't have to!!!!
; )

Oh Frank, you really were a suave dude.
I got Gabriel a hat like Frank's at a thrift.
He looks suave too when he wears it.

What should we sing next?
I gave them a little intro to
"Hit The Road Jack".
Think that one will be next.

I have always loved that song!!!
Did I drive my parents crazy singing it?
It's entirely possible.

Love you all to the moon and back.

Gotta hit the road....

Have a vondu-ful
(as Lawrence Welk would say)

; )


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