Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Birds? Geez!!!

They are flying above my house as I write...
I love their honk.

So on Monday I saw those beautiful Steller Jays,
and on a walk with my hubby we were 
almost torpedo'd by
a flying crane!!!
It flew very close above our heads!
The creek we were crossing was flowing very shallow and we could see the fish struggling to go down stream.
Perfect bait for the crane.
I have seen a crane on the creek in my back yard maybe twice in the past five years.  
It was very graceful and beautiful in flight.
This was surprising, as it looks rather awkward when standing.
; )

I don't know what kind it was,
but looked similar to this.
Monday was a faaaaantastic birding day!!
And a good day for spotting
And today is a goosie day.
I have birds on the brain!!

Jason Mraz is correct.
It IS a beautiful day and

Spring Fever
is officially here.

A winsome Wednesday to you my little
; )

Sending love your way...

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  1. Loving your bird posts. Go here to listen to a fun little Chick-a-dee-dee, song:


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