Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'm Floored....

Some things in this life just floor me.
Think I'll share a few of them...

Joshua Ledet sings
'It's a Man's Man's Man's World'
on American Idol
Season 11

19 years old singing like a well seasoned

The magnificence of art.
Floors me.

John William Waterhouse, artist.

Nasturtiums, yup,
they floor me.

Whenever they bloom in my garden,
I am amazed at their spritely beauty and fall in 
love with them all over again.
(my Pinterest page entitled
'Nasturtiums' keeps getting bigger and bigger...)

Floored by the beauty of babies...

and I just want to hug and 
kiss them all.
Isn't there someone out there who
will let me hold and cuddle their baby?
I promise I'll give them back!

; )

By my grandchildren.

They made a chair, blanket, pillow fort in my living-dining/room.
When done, this is what they did.  
Closed their eyes, touched their fingers and 'ommmmm'-ed.
And....they floor me.
Always coming up with funny, creative activities!!!! 

And finally,
I'm floored by the constant beauty that surrounds me.
(I did not take these pictures.  
Googled 'Mackay Idaho'.)

And yes, the list goes on and on!!

Wednesday's child is full of wonder...
that's what I heard and I'm sticking to it.

Hope you find some wonder in you day today!

Sending lots of 
 and positive thoughts your way.



  1. Took a dose of wonder and beauty from your blog :-)
    Your grandchildren are adorable...
    Come hug my son if you want, but he is not a very "baby"... he is 16 months old now :-D

    1. 16 months is perfect!!! Wish I could come by and steal a little hug! And thanks for dropping by, Mama of Leo! You rawk! xo


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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