Sunday, January 31, 2016

Black Cats

Cecily Settles

(Beth Thompson)
Cecily settles
soft as a thistle;
corona of fur
seems lighter than air.
Cecily preens,
her long whiskers bristle;
she rumbles a purr,
at peace, without care.
Cecily soothes
my soul as I wrestle
with problems that press,
with worries that bind.
The sight of her comforts
a brain snarled and aching;
Cecily settles . . .
and settles my mind.

Nurse Cat

(Mary Peat McDonald)
Medical science
Does not recognize
The warm soothing properties
Of you light
Furry body,
Now stretched gently
Over my incision.
Your throaty
Is part of the
Millenniums older than
"Electrical Nerve Stimulation."
Your unblinking
Yellow eyes are gentle
At an occasional
Night sound
Your whiskers
Brush my chin
In reassuring
The periodic light
Of you snowy
Fore paws
Is indeed the
Laying on of hands.
I know.
These are not black cats.
But they sure are cute
; )
Monday, Monday.
Monday gets a bad rap!!!
It's not so bad, right?

Have a mega-faaaaaantastic week,
my little

Love ya!

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  1. I just love kittens. I actually have 4 around my home that I am trying to tame but.......they are pretty wild. Hopefully soon, I will have them under my power - ha!


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