Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Room In The Inn...

Christmas Eve: 'And There Was No Room for Them in the Inn'

by Arthur Melville

How much different would things have been,
If maybe there had been room at the inn?
No hay, no manger, no beasts, no stall.
Rather, plenty of beds and blankets for all.
Not a proprietor in his right mind
Would allow all those shepherds, the filthiest kind,
To enter the doors of his establishment,
Not even the ones, who by angels were sent!
And the star overhead, no matter the beam,
Through walls made of mud, would not have been seen.
No bleating of lamb, no cooing of bird.
Would songs of the angels have even been heard?
Maybe the kings would have been turned away.
Foreigners weren't welcome in that place or that day.
Don't blame the innkeepers doing their jobs.
How could they know it was the Son of God?
Like the rest of his life, it was part of the plan.
A humble birth, a humble man.
Yes, it happened as it should have been,
No place to stay. No room in the inn.

LUKE 2:7

There was no room for them in the inn.

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