Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Story Book Days

I am a fan of the vintage story book illustration.
Children look like they are suppose to be;
sweet, pure, innocent, curious, untouched....
Here are some of my favorite 
Fall pictures.
; )

REAL little kiddos enjoying the Fall here in Idaho!!
(most adorable little grand kiddos in the world!!!)

Mooses or meeses celebrating Fall in my back yard
a few weeks ago!!!

And this is what I woke up to this morning....

I'm a little behind in my preparations for winter,
so I better get on a coat and some boots, get out there
and get it done!

A cozy, hot chocolate with marshmallows
day to you all!

Sending joy and love your way!


  1. Ah, your little grands looked like they were having so much fun. Wasn't waking up to the snow a "Not Ready For This, Yet" moment. I want more FALL/AUTUMN.....I love that time of the year bestest!

  2. What a sweet blog :-)
    Tickles the spirit... I am a fan of vintage photos though in my childhood we enjoyed the end of the era of such books...
    Which reminds me that I used to have a greatly illustrated copy of the "Little Match Girl". It was at my parents' house and I never got to find it again!

    1. I LOVED that story of the Little Match Girl! I had totally forgotten about it! Gonna look it up and get re-acquainted. Thanks for dropping by, Mama of Leo! ; )

    2. Oh! You got my comment! Yippiiiiii
      (My comments have a habit of being kicked to spam and I am sick of writing to owners of blogs telling them that (Uhm, sorry dear, would you check your blog's spam controller to see if my comment was kicked there?)
      Ok... So now I am visible here... (wiiiiiiiiiide smile)


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