Monday, November 09, 2015

Featured Artist: Bill Gekas

Check out this phootographer.....

Bill Gekas

Description taken from his website:

Born and residing in Melbourne Australia, Bill Gekas is a multi awarded and published fine art portrait photographer.
Self taught and by learning the intricacies of photography since the mid 90's, his admiration and respect for the works by the old master painters has influenced his stylistic approach to the craft.
His works have been published in various art journals, books, magazines, newspapers and other media outlets worldwide including BBC, NBC Today, ABC News, Daily Mail and others.
Although he occasionally shoots commissioned work, the renowned and exhibited works are primarily of his young daughter portraying a protagonist in a storytelling scene, a universal child.

Practicing the art of photography and constantly refining his style.

Pictures he has taken of his daughter.....

He is a GENIUS!!!!

Sooooooo extremely beautiful
and amazing.
I have some little grandkiddo cuties who would be
perfect for this.
I wish I could be an artist!!

Nice version of this song.
; )

Have yourself a lovely little
Sending November coziness
your way,
my little dearies!!!



Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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