Friday, October 16, 2015

I Wanna Jump in Some Leaves

It is THAT time when I break out one of my favorite songs.
Eva Cassidy.....

Isn't she truly awesome???
I'm always in the mood to listen to Eva.

Thanking God every day for the beautiful world we live in as Fall starts to peak in our lovely Idaho.

Artist: Millais

"What encouraged me to paint this bucolic scene is the blue mountains in the distance and the autumn morning light. In the early morning the mountains were blue and as the sun came up the fields in the foreground became yellow, red and green. After 2 hours, I had my composition determined, covered the canvas with paint, had everything indicated and the colors down. Just as I was calling it a wrap for the day since the wind and heat and flies were getting me about fifteen cows came dancing out from nowhere and stopped right in my face mooing "PAINT ME". So a few more quick strokes and voila. I finished the painting a few days later after returning to my home/studio in Santa Barbara."  
Kathleen Elsey, Santa Barbara, California artist

Sending love and positive thoughts your way 
on this beautiful Fall day.
A happy, happy
 weekend to you!
; )


  1. Fall/Autumn.....what a beautiful time of the year. I loved the song by much emotion. Did you write the Haiku's? I also loved the picture by the artist Millias.

    1. Thank you Marsha for your sweet comments! I did not do the Haiku. I was just browsing through some Haiku and saw these done by kiddos. I thought they were really good!!! ; )


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