Monday, October 19, 2015

Feline Fun

This is my Miss Mew Mew.
She doesn't like me to make my bed,
so I have to make her into my bed sometimes.
She waited there all morning for me to come and get back in bed
to cuddle with her.
She is very patient.
And sweet.

The Cat Of All Cats 

My Cat is the cat of all cats
For she is like a beautiful Painting
She sleeps and awakes in the early morning
To demand her requests for the day
My Cat is the cat of all cats
She is royal and dignified
Poets and Writers have long been inspired
She is admired by all who encounter her
My Cat is the cat of all cats
And shall remain so, until the end of her nine lives
- Kimberly Kay Day 

Some people have a a crazy sense of humor.
; )
I don't know who has done this...
but it made me snicker.

Tee hee. 
; )
I've been a cat lover since I was
a little tyke.
Love kitties!

My little Miss Cally Mew Mew is
one of my best friends.
She gives me hugs, kisses, 
and regular baths.
Sometimes... I think she thinks I am 
her kitten.

So here's a hug, kiss, head bump
and lick
for you all!
Have a wonderful
and eat a taco,


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  1. Oh my....the 7th picture down really gave me the chuckles. Loved it!


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