Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Really Cute Kiddos

Can you imagine being able to paint these glorious pictures?
I can't even imagine how joyous it must be to have
such talent!
I am grateful for these people who
took the time to hone their talents.
Love them!!!

And these photos....

Have had the grand-kiddos again this week.
What joy to see their sweet little faces every morning.
"Good morning, Nana!"
they cheer.

Found this cute song on u-tube.
Never heard this one before.
A welcome addition to the 'garden' songs
sung by Primary kids!


Love to you all
my sweetie-kins!

Have a beautiful day!
I'm off to cuddle Mr. Cuddle-bug,
Miss Cuddle-pumpkin, and
Miss Cuddle-peanut!


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