Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Braided Hair

I like braids.
I enjoy wearing a long braid down my back,
a long braid to the side
and every now and then
two braids like the little lass above.
But I need a little variation
in my braiding.
So here are some ideas I have been 

that little girl is an angel.


i am particularly fond of Mamie Gummer's little braid
atop her head.

Simple and tasteful.
Mamie (above and below) is the daughter 
of Merryl Streep
and is an actress.
She was in a show called
Emily Owen M.D. that I just
watched on Netflix.
I think she is a real unique beauty.

So, I am off to try some
Maybe it will make me look 
young and beautiful
like the little lasses above
(I am not delusional....really)
; )

And so...
Sing it Perry!

See you soon,
my little 
cutie pies!

Sending love your way!

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