Friday, February 07, 2014

Fairy Tale Book Jackets!

I've been a bit under the weather
and still resting my weary bones.
I am working on my 'puter
and came across these wonderful
book jackets,
or impressions on 
hard back books.
They just made me 
go 'oooh!'
So here  they are for you....

Just a taste of the few I came across.

Heres a pop song by a Russian young man,
singing about a fairytale romance.
Read about him
He is an amazing young man.
I appreciate the folk aspect of this song and the dances.
The album called 'Fairytales' that this song was on
 went triple platinum 
in Europe in 2009!

Here's another one of his.
He is quite the happy fellow!

It's a cold winter day,
but the rays of the sun
are behind those clouds 
So here's sending those
warm golden rays
your way!

Love to you all!

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