Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1950's Fashion

I am a little partial to the 1950's...
decade of my birth.

Especially fond of this style
of dress.

I could never have worn these dresses
as I, even at my tiniest,
never had the build of an hourglass.

Notice the iconic style of the 1950's
Flat background, muted light,
I love it ALL!

Yes, that is a roll of toilet paper.
If we buy it, we will look and live like 
this magnificent lady.
; )

I would enjoy
twirling around in these skirts,
prancing about the 
mid-century home.
Join me?

That was invigorating.
; )

Ooooooh, have a lovely
Taco Tuesday
my little 
taquito tidbits!

Love to you all!!!

1 comment:

  1. Taquito tidbit!!!! Squee!
    O, I am dribbling over ALL of this. I obviously have a spot spot for the 50's, especailly the frocks! And I'd LOVE all these frocks...and the little record player...and one of those STUNNING cars! (Preferably with power steering!) XXX


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