Friday, January 03, 2014

Helen Keller, my Heroine

Helen Keller.
I wish I could have known her personally.
She is my heroine.
(not the drug silly…that doesn't have an 'e')

Deaf and Blind.
Full of courage, goodness
and wisdom.

I've been interested in her since I was a child and saw
the movie about her on television.
Patty Duke and Ann Bancroft.

I have great admiration for these two wonderful ladies,
Helen and Anne.

Her teacher, Anne Sullivan,
taught her the alphabet in sign language.
She would feel the letters.

Ann would translate what people were saying using the sign language
in Helen's hand
and a method of having Helen put her hand on
Anne's face to feel the words.
She learned to talk that way.
It is currently called the
Tadoma method.

Anne would read to her.

Helen graduated from Radcliffe College with honors.
the dedicated
Anne Sullivan is one of my heroines
as well.

Anne Sullivan

They were great, life long friends until Anne
passed away.

Helen met famous people.

Enrico Caruso,
the opera singer.

Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens.

A famous artist that I could't find the name of.

President Eisenhower 

President Coolidge

She communicated well.
She read braille.

She  spoke at
public meetings...


and had penmanship much better than mine.
This is an autographed picture with a note.

I love her joy.

Her grace.

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite picture of her
There's nothing like hugging a little tyke!
One can feel her delight!

She has a wonderful 
perspective on life
which is often quoted.

I have had the privilege of working closely with those who 
are deaf and blind
in my career,
which has made me 
love and admire her
even more.
It is a difficult cross to bear.
I will meet her some day.
I so look forward to it.
; )

I give you dear Helen!!!

I'm glad I got to share this uniquely gifted lady
with you all.
She inspires me.
I hope she has inspired you, too.

Have a weekend
full of love for life
and all the good things 
we are blessed with.

Love to you all,
lovely friends and family…


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