Monday, December 23, 2013

So close!!!

Everything is white
in Idaho.
Big snow over the weekend.
Be safe,
all you travelers out there!!

So, I received a few e-mails about caroling!!!
Yes, we caroled in my family when
I was growing up,
and I am so happy you
are caroling in yours!
I have yet to enjoy carolers at my
door and wish it would happen!
The hot chocolate is ready,
stop on by!
Anyone want to go caroling with me
door to door?
I'm ready!!!

I keep coming across these wonderful little 
Scandinoooovian Christmas cards.
I just have to share!!!

Aren't they just so sweet and wonderful?

Bless these artists who bring such
happiness to me!

I hope it makes you happy, too.

Oh, and these are the most beautiful 
outfits that I have been staring at.
(although the short one needs about 12-24
inches of eyelet on the bottom…..)

Merry, Merry 
week of 

Love to  you all!

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