Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Scandinavian Christmas!

Shops are up!
Just FYI.
Tell your friends!!!

Orange Tree Vintage Wares
Facebook page…

Orange Tree Vintage Wares
Etsy Shop…
(yes, I will be changing some of the pictures…
the basement pics look like basement pics!!!)

Orange Tree Vintage Wares

I have so much more to post,
so check it out every now and then!

On to other things!

Adorable Scandinavian Christmas Cards!!!
The same artist.
So sweet.

Here's some other cutie-kin 
Scandinavian lovelies.

It just makes me feel all 
cuddly and happy
seeing these little tow headed
(did you know 
'tow head' comes from the German
word flax or straw?)
Probably 'cuz I came from a family
of tow heads!!!

I just want to be a Nana
and make cookies all day with
the munchkins!!!
This is a Danish mormor
making shortbread with
her grandson.

I want to look exactly like this mormor.
Chubby, cuddly, sweet,
and down to earth.
I want to wear cute aprons as well.

ohmygosh…'s Thrifting Thursday!
Let me know what you find!

Love to you all,
my little
danish pastries.

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