Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Watcha been up to or the tale of the disappearing candy....

Well, me?
I've been eating my grand-kiddos
Halloween candy
(my favorite steal....).

Had to buy them more
to make up for it.
; )

And you?
Are  u doing the same?
Or am I just a 'candy monster'.

Candy on the brain.
Will it turn to candy eventually?

Remember any of
these old candies??
I got these pictures from the
internet site 
'Candy Wrapper Museum'!!

These are adorable.

Mr. Tracy was so handsome....

Hey, I missed out on this one!
:  (


A tad scary...

Marshmallow on a stick.
My hubby would be all over this one,
marshmallow lover that he is.

Creepy 'Representing Holidays' grouping....

Fake cigarettes.
Those were fun and
pretty good gum as I remember.

Creepy little Santas.

This is just really cute.

While I am talking about candy....
I  really enjoy the little unusual candy containers 
you can find at mini marts these days.

I like to buy them for my grand-kiddos.
Is it for them?
is it for ME!!!!
(the embarrassed candy monster)

Heading home tomorrow and
back to the daily grind.
It's been a wonderful break
in sunny 
I hear it is snowing in Idaho.
It's ok,
I like the snow.

And I love Idaho.

I love you!
Sending well wishes to
you and your families.
Cuz, you are just
the best!!



  1. This is a very eye opening post. I always felt like I was missing Halloween candy as a child...hmmmm......

    1. I don't remember stealing much of your candy, but I am sure I took a few. I am much more the candy monster than I use to be! xoxo

  2. I sooo remember the Lucky Strikes! My Mom would get them for me all the time. Crazy. Thank goodness I don't smoke. Cute post!


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