Monday, September 16, 2013

Sears Catalogue 1950' and 1960's

I am just a little preoccupied with
the old Sears catalogues lately!

Look what I found!
Kewl stuff!!!

(year of my birth)

In love with the upper left children's pajamas.

Funny, I found one of these clocks and now I
know where it came from!!!

Same with the milk white carafe!
I have that one!

Remember Pettipants????


I have a few of these copper items!!

I watch Pickers occasionally,
and these little babies are
valuable these days.

Home of the future....

So, now I need a vintage boat.
Dag nabbit!
They are  just too cute!


I still have my Tiny Tears doll.

So click on the one below
and see 
Ken a Go Go.
;  )

You're welcome. 
; )

1964 catalogue...

So while I am in a nostalgic mood,
I have come across some
pictures of the mall I use to go to as a kiddo.
Sun Valley Mall!


Was that the place to get
opaque stockings
on the corner?

I remember when the old cars were in the mall!

Bottom left is a restaurant/bar at the mall.

This World's Fare Restaurant
is making me crave some 
Hot German Potato Salad,
a roast beef sandwich from the 
Hauf Brau,
and a
buttermilk donut.

Apparently it is a famous mall,
being the largest of it's time
and offering
world class foods
and shopping.

Enough of this journey
down memory lane.

Remember today is 
Taco Tuesday,
and eat a few for me,

Sending love your way
my little 


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  1. So much colour! It's easy to think everything pre- 1960 was in black and white (probably from the films of the time!) Love Barbie, the TVs, the kid's pyjamas and those crazy bloomers! xxx


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