Friday, September 13, 2013

I've Lost It

I have lost my passion for photography.
It makes me very sad
as I really enjoyed it for many years.

I gave my first camera to my son (who has never had a digital camera), 
my second to my husband (who is always bugging me to take pictures),
and kept my little pocket camera 
(I dropped it a few years ago and has never been the same).
It works sometimes.
; )

Maybe that's why I have 'lost it'.

But I appreciate other's photographs
so much!!!!

Here are some I enjoy lately.
Please click on them so you can see them larger.
And click on their flickr accounts
for some real eye candy.
You won't regret it.

Check out this lady...

Here are examples of her photographs.
They are self portraits and she never shows her face.

Another is my friend on flickr,

These are Faaaantastic!!!

This one I love so very much....

I would love a tour of her home.
She pays attention to every little detail.
It is magnificent.

These ladies inspire me.
Maybe I'll save up for a new camera.
I hear you can buy them in colors now.
That would make me real happy.

Oh, lovely little kitten-kins,
please have an
exceptional weekend.
You deserve it so much!

Love you bunches!

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