Monday, July 15, 2013

The Vintage Cowgirl

Last week I was walking up to the
"ball park mini mart"
and on the way I saw a woman
cleaning out a huge garage with
lots and lots of stuff in it.

I walked over and asked what she was doing.
She had to put her mother in a care facility.
They were cleaning out their
mother's house to sell it.
Said lady stated
"My mother is a hoarder!"
Sweet lady gave me a tour,
and indeed her mother has alot of possessions!!!
The three kids are having a HUGE yard sale soon.
One thing I saw was closets and closets
of vintage cowgirl  shirts. 

It made me think of the women I have known through
the years who have worn those vintage cowgirl shirts in
their every day life.

So here's an homage to the vintage cowgirl!!!!

I purchased a few for my future store.
They look kinda like these.
Can't beat 25 cents a piece!

These cow ladies just rock!!!!

Here's to a lovely, lovely
Cowgirl Tuesday!
Cowgirl-up, ladies!
(don't really know what that means,
but it is said alot around here....)

Love ya!


  1. I have a friend who is so obsessed with vintage cowgirls, she named her film production company Cowgirl Productions! But I think she's changed it to Spacegirl these all those pix, and who can pass up an awesome cowgirl OR cowboy shirt! X

    1. THat's quite a change up there! Cowgirl to Spacegirl! Funny! You'd look awesome in
      the cowgirl items, Helga!

  2. Sometimes others hoarding activities becomes treasures for us!
    I really enjoy your posts photos and painting selections and how often you change your blog header.
    Also the cow-girl shirt looks great on you!


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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