Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Old Lady Feet

Ya, I have them.
You know, 
you need support in the arch,
and padded softness,
and soft heel.
Definitely padded heels.
Oh ya, on the ball of the foot, too.

I search and search to find the perfect pair...
not too pricey,
not too boring,
not too identifiable as 
only for a clown.

I am spoiled cuz I still have a say in that.
Many my age do not have a say in what shoes they can wear
and there is simply no 
cute shoe alternative.
I'm not there......yet.

I started walking around the
Snake River Green Belt
by my house,
and I thought I had good shoes.
But I apparently don't.
So the search began.

Soooooo many choices.

But, so many of them made me feel like....
a man.
I don't want to feel like a man.

So I looked for my 
so loved
'Mary Jane'
Walking Shoe.


I like some of these!!!!
what I landed on was.....


Talk about comfortable.
And cool to walk in....
meaning they are not hot!
And I like the name,
especially the
Jazzy Red Nubuck part...
and of course 50% off. 

I looooooove them 

Now, you may think I buy alot of shoes as I discuss 
them quite a bit.
I allow myself to buy one nice pair of shoes a year,
and then if I need something real bad,
I will purchase it.
But most of my shoes are second hand.
And yes,
I love shoes. 
Just shoes in general.

And this song....
"Hey, I put some new shoes on and now everything seems alright!"

I'm glad that one is stuck in my head!
It is very happy!

Here's to a wonderful Wednesday
to all of you, 
my little 
'new shoe


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