Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's a Dog's World

I have no idea what that means,
other than we have
alot of dogs in our world.
; )

Like THIS handsome lot.

The Baker cuties,
our Grand-doggies

Adorable Mackay
(Great Pyrenees)

Cool as a Cucumber Shepherd
(a mix of fantastic dogies)

The Barkdull/Towsley cutie pie,
our Grand-doggy

The magical
(not sure his heritage)


The Magnificent Milo!
(some kind of pug mix)

And our new dog...

Baby Borah Bear.
Mr. Borah.
Borah Borah Bo Borah
Banana nana no Borah.
(New Foundland, or Newfie)

The miracle is....
they all get along quite famously!

And of course there are the kitties.

Simon, Brownie and Brinks

Fox and Sadie
(Sadie the little white girlie, was stolen ; (  )
This is when they were small.

My sweet Cally.

And of course I have to mention other pets who have
stolen our heart
and are on the other side....

Mr. Scooter-pie

Mr.  Karl

Life is so much better,
with you there (little doggy)


I know, it was a sad song,
But, it is true!
Life IS so much better,
with a dog or a kitty.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
my little whippersnappers!



  1. What a great mix of breeds and cuteness!! Life is so much better with pets for my family unfortunately we all develop terrible allergies to both dogs and cats.
    Humans can learn so much for our pets on how to get along and on how to give love no matter what!

    1. I agree! I am unfortunately allergic as well.....but can't stand living without them!

  2. I am totally a cat woman, but do love dogs and plan to have one someday, when I have the time to devote to one!
    I am allergic to cats and dogs too, but can't bear to be without pets!!! I just take lots of drugs! XXXXXXXX

  3. OOoh YOU HAVE A NEWFIE!!! Daisies and doggies... were we separated at birth?? Is the beautiful white one a Malamute? Give all of your lovelies big tummy scratching cuddly snuggles from me - I'm a dog whisperer through and through!

    Sarah xxx

    1. The white one is another Pyrenees. He was such a sweet heart and lived to be 13! One of the most emotional doggies I have ever had! Although, Borah is emotional in a different way. He must be where ever we are or pouts. ; ) And the daisies....
      an all time fave of mine!!!! Maybe we were!
      ; )


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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