Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Need a Dose of Vera Neuman!

I am a Vera fan, 
as I have mentioned before.

Isn't this a great picture of her?

This yellow one is one of my favorites.

People are doing things with her scarves!




The famous signature,
some with lady bugs,
some without.

I have one that my mother wore.
It is blue.
I treasure it!

I love this blue one, too,
with leaves.
The colors inspire me!

Ahhhhh...I feel like I am sitting by a water fall
or something like that.
; )

Enjoy James' peaceful, 
beautiful song.

Joni Mitchell sings harmonies. 
Sends me to a real happy place.

Love to you all
and hoping your Thursday
is spectacular!!!

1 comment:

  1. I had a Vera scarf back in Jr. High when I was going through the old lady clothes phase. Wish I still had a lot of those clothes!


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