Sunday, June 02, 2013

Featured Artist: Lindsey Sterling

(I can't seem to change that picture up there of my grand daughter,
Doo da.
I mean, I physically can't do it, 
cuz I am in love with it.
So it's going to stay for while.)
; )

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey's going to perform with the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
for the 
2013 Pioneer Day Concert.

So, I looked her up!
What a total cutie!

Plays violin and dances at the same time!!!!
She has a YouTube channel.
So funny!
Love it!

Check her out!

This one is of her playing with the
YouTube sensation
The Piano Guys.

This one has a fellow joining her named
Peter Hollens.
Utah never looked so Nordic.

This one is very dramatic.
Phantom of the Opera!!!

Last one.
She is very diverse.....
Thrift Shop!!!
(of course I love this one...)

SHe basically

From her web site:

A classically-trained violinist, Lindsey’s love for music began with free community concerts and the sounds of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Mozart played daily in her home on an old record player. At age five she begged her parents for violin lessons. After a year of her incessant pleading, Lindsey’s mom found a teacher she could afford who would give her daughter 15-minute lessons every other week. She hoped that young Lindsey – now six – wouldn’t grow bored. She never did, and has played ever since.
Young Lindsey’s passion for the violin was matched only by her love of dancing. Having to choose violin rather than dance lessons, Lindsey decided to train for the latter in a more unconventional way: YouTube videos. She studied footwork, practiced moves and techniques, and even taught herself to Moonwalk, becoming the world’s first unofficial YouTube-trained dancer.

This is a really big picture of her and
her band.....


On Tour in Italy...
she brought her parents along.

She is so bright and happy.
Aren't her parents cute?

Here's to a 
my little

Love you so much!


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  1. Oo, I love violin! That and piano are my instruments of choice, but I am far, FAR too lazy to learn! XXX


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