Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Normal is Really, Really Good

There's something wrong in the world lately!!!!!
But I think there is evidence it is getting better......

; )

These men are making fun of the cover of a 
Vanity Fair magazine.

Tee hee.....

A BIG tadoo about his mannequin
in Sweden.
Normal sized in a high end store....
Thank you Sweden.

Some fashion mentality is becoming
more realistic...

But Hollywood and Couture Culture still wants to
brain wash us!
Fighting back!!!!

An article about how celebrities have
gotten fat.
It had these pics.
Better said.....
should have been called how
celebrities are people and
(well, kinda)

Men are not immune either....

Who said we had to be 21 or 30 all of our

How dare we all be

British Women.  The only one who liked her body
was the 6 foot woman on the
far right.
I see nothing wrong with the others.

I think there may be more body types then these

And I am tired of all ya media peeps
making us all feel inferior.

It's true!!!!

Think I'll put this one in the Schmarmy Box.
; )

Adele got a rash of criticism for wearing this
Valentino dress.

I thought it was very cute on her.

So the point of this discussion is....

I'm sick of it all!
And I am ready to embrace

Let's do it together!

Check out this song!

Love ya girlie Adele!

All right.
I totally feel like I need to post a 
Schmarmy Box
right now.
; )

This is better.
Giving one's self a hug.

Love you, little 

Love yourselves,



  1. What a fabulous honest post. Thankyou! Being comfortable in your own skin when being bombarded with pictures of the so called ideal more than like photoshopped images is a challenge for most. I applaud the real look and love the realistic mannequin!

  2. Let us all love each other for being fabulous, amazing, inspirational, ridiculous, talented, smart, funny, compassionate, caring, hilarious, witty, razor sharp, complex, wonderful people... and never for anything as unimportant as arse size! As my granddad used to say "I don't care one whit what you look like: I care how you treat a wounded animal on the side of the road". Words to live by.

    Sarah xxxxx

  3. I agree!!! Thanks for the comment cutie pie!

  4. Oh! Two cutie pies commented! Thanks to you both!

  5. How did I miss this post?? Those are some beautiful ladies you have in this post!!! Love it.


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