Friday, March 15, 2013

Tulip Moods

Bought some tulips.
In the mood for spring.  ; )

We did not plant anything in the yard last summer,
(we moved in July)
with the exception
of the iris I grabbed from our
Pocatello home,
so I don't know what will spring up
this year!

The iris are dear to me as they are
from my mom's yard from Taylorsville,
from Vickie, my dear friend Hattie who passed away,
and a little plot of wild iris by the freeway
by our Duke home.
When they bloom,
pictures will be taken
Walmart tulips.

I am suspecting
that nothing else
will pop up.

Here's to a 
faaaaaantastic Friday!

I celebrate you!
Sing it Whitney and Jordon!

Not my usual style on the music,
but it DID make me dance!

Love you,
mon petite chou choux.


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