Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rocks, Minerals, and Gem Stones

I love rocks.
It is in my blood.

One of the first books I bought for my kiddos
when they were little.

Another one of the items I bought my kiddos when they
were young was a rock identification chart
with real rocks on it
like below.

Tumbled stones.
I could look at them forever!!!
My dad had a rock tumbler
in our garage in
Pleasant Hill, CA. 

My dad.
The quintessential 
rock hound.
; )
That's why it's in my blood.

I miss him.
He is such a wonderful man.

How blessed I have been to have him as
my father.
I could write a book about it.

A hug for you
up in Paradise.


La Traviata
One of my dad's favorites

I could hear him singing in that wonderful 
bass voice of his!
; )

I am so glad you were born,
Happy Birthday,
dear daddy,
and I love you


I'll be drinking a root beer 
float in your honor!

And a splendid Monday to you all,
my sweeties!

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