Sunday, March 31, 2013

I have a blue couch...

So why do I keep looking at blue couches on e-bay and etsy?????
Not to mention they are all out of my league
in terms of price???
I love my blue IKEA couch!!!!

It just makes me happy,
I guess.
Like looking at 

So here we go.
It's a big dose of 

And drip pottery lamps....
they are on my list of
looki-loos too. 

The one on the right for sure,
thank you.

And yes, I have a few drip pottery lamps...
actually found this one below
at a thrift.

This is my drip lamp.
Lovely, eh?
Sooooo...why do I keep looking at them?
Do I need more?
It is an illness, isn't it.

I also look at backyards I know I can never have,
but love to admire.

I'd love to invite you into my lovely back yard,
and have some tea.

So I leave you with a Bizarro funnee..

I will never sing that again.
I had no idea how cruel it was.
; )

(remember you can make it bigger by clicking on it...
so you can actually read it)

Have a 
magical Monday,
little magpies.

Love you!


  1. I think I have one of your blue couches and one blue chair....

  2. Both you and my mom with the blue couches. :) I'm that way with pictures of upholstered gingham furniture, though. I have how-many pictures from magazines of gingham chairs and couches glued into my scrapbooks, but I always clip out the next one too. :)


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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