Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Day Dreamin'

Haven't been on a
for many years.
It's March in Idaho,
and I typically 
yearn for green trees,
blue sky,
and my mind wanders to 

Carmel by the Sea....

Can you imagine living in this place where
the gas stations are even artsy???

From my trip in 2008
with the fabulous


Ya, what were these fascinatingly beautiful fuzzy little orange

I totally understand why my parents 
moved back in the later years of
their lives.
The flowers,
the short winters..

The B and B we stayed at.
Opened the window at night
to hear the lapping of the
Pacific Ocean.

Off to Santa Barbara.....

Sambos Restaraunt.
The very first,
and the very last.
Had a very satisfying

(Not my picture above this.  Possibly a postcard?)

Our hotel room...

Outside the back porch of our room...

Visiting my Grandma and Grandpa.
Tagen hugging  them.
I never met them,
had never been to this cemetery
as a child or adult....
far away from our homes.

Agapanthus and Jackaranda
in SB at an LDS Church.

Mission SB

My award winning picture of a woman praying in
the chapel at SB Mission.
Heck ya!

I have no idea why I don't take pictures any more.
I got alot of satisfaction trying to capture stuff!!!
Gotta get on the stick and just do it!

And so, I dream on,
and try not to dwell on
miserable things.

Les Miserables

'Tis a wacky world we live in.
May your Wednesday have less
wackiness and more
is my wish
for you.

Au revoir.


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  1. I've never seen that pic of Tagen hugging great grandma and grandpa. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!


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