Monday, March 18, 2013

Bitossi in Idaho Falls

I'm Excited.
; 0

As anyone who knows me knows,
I love to thrift.
It is a treasure hunt.
I feel blessed to have found many an awesome
score in these little Idaho towns.
They are not in abundance,
but they are there at times.


Found it in the 'as is' junky area of
Deseret Industries!!!!

There are so many decorator items these days
that copy the old masters.

The color of this was so bright,
I suspected it was fake. was heavy.
So for 2 buckaroos I thought
"I'll take a chance".

I have just learned about Bitossi
this past two months.
I featured the
Rimini Blu
Bitossi pieces a few weeks ago
(and added them to my side bar).
I had a difficult time finding this piece and it's value on the web,
but after about 3 hours searching...

I found an orange one!!!

On this site...

Oddly enough,
I had just found out about this store in New York that
interior designers frequent regularly.
People come from all over the world to shop at this

About "The End of History"

212 647-7598 Business Hours Monday - Friday 12 - 7pm Saturday & Sunday 12 - 6pm. There is nothing quite like the fabulous vintage hand blown glass , the rare ceramics, and the marvelous mid-century modern furniture found at "The End of History". We opened our shop in Manhattan's West Village in 1997. Since then we have amassed more decorative objects from the 50's & 60's in one room than anywhere in the world. As a result we've become the go-to for top editors from magazines as well as a choice source to the best interior designers in the world. We will update this blog daily... and as new publications come out and exciting new items hit our shelves!

So as you see if you go to the link,
there is not any real information about the vase, other than
it has REAL gold painted on it! 

The gentleman who owns the shop had an e-mail on the site,
so I e-mailed him.
I would be surprised if he answered.
he did...
within 24 hours!!

He wrote:

HI...Glad you reached out (I couldn't post valuations on the blog per our policy) We know only that these are Italian, Mid-century, likely Bitossi and in a New York boutique such as ours would sell for around $295. Prices of course vary by location and that is what our market can withstand.


Awww...what a sweetie.  ; )
Umm...mine is taller and has more gold,
so maybe it's worth more!
Needless to say,
I got pretty excited.
I will most likely put it on e-bay 
some day.
I just want to stare at it
in amazement.

End of story.

Here's to 
many miracles in 



  1. YOu have a talent for shopping, I"m proud of you!!!!

  2. Holy mackerel!!! What a great score!
    It's totally gorgeous, which is the best thing, AND it's the real deal?! Bonus! I hadn't heard of this Bitossi before.


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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