Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sugar Pie

I guess I have just had
pets on my mind lately!
Thought I'd share the

You won't get this if you don't have a cat....

or don't know who Lawrence is.

Came upon a site that hi-lites 
fotos from early 20th century.
I loved these....

The two following fotos were
taken by Eliza Benson.
So sweet
and touching.

And this is a picture of my
mom, her sister and their dog.
My mom is the one in front of the
This is not from the site.
It is a from a foto I took of
the foto.

I love this picture of her.
; )
She loved to sing.

Check out this dog singing a lullaby to
this little 

Amazing, eh?
A good little poochie

Well, enough of the babies and kitties and dogs.
Feeling pretty 
high on sweetness!!!!!

Here's to a 
Wondrous Wednesday,
my little
sugar pies.

Love to you!

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