Monday, January 07, 2013

Mid Century Cased Glass

I will never have the
pricey, desired, holy grail
of Scandinavian glass.....
but I have a few original, 
and a few good pieces.
The colors of the real deal
are just 
and hard to dismiss
or copy.

Cased Glass:

: glass consisting of two or more fused layers of different colors often decorated by cutting so that the inner layers show through —called also case glass

(These pictures are from google image search
for 'Scandinavian Mid-Century Glass'.
Check it out of you wish to see more!)



13" tall Alsterfors orange glass vase by Per-Olof Ström

                                                                $577.94 on Etsy  

Another Alsterfors
$440.00 on Ebay

My humble collection 
gleaned from
DI, Etsy, and Goodwill

Kinda in love with the pure colors
of this glass.
Don't need the pricey ones,
enjoy the few humble ones I have!
But appreciate their artistry!

I have a blog and flickr friend
with a blog and Etsy store
named deedee14.
She is from Oakland,
Mid-Century Modern taste.

Deedee's blog

Deedee's awesomest in the world cased glass collection:

She is 'Dee Speed' on flickr

Like I said,
she sells stuff
and if I had money for fun stuff,
I would buy her out.
Totally out.

Let's go on a shopping spree!


Love to all you little
out there.

You rawk my world!

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