Sunday, January 27, 2013

1958...'twas a good year

Dinah Washington
1958 Newport Jazz Festival
(love the candid shots
of the audience...
and her dress)
; 0

What else happened in 1958?

And then there was.....
; )

Little Debbie.

(in the middle with green on)
Aren't my sisters so pretty?
I still want to be them 
when I grow up.
; )

So I leave you with a song.
1958, of course.
At another Jazz Festival.

Just love her outfit.
Just LOVE it!!!!

A wondrous Monday
to you all!

Love you!


(I think I forgot to send the Brazil '66 song
on the previous post.
So if you want a Brazilian vibe,
check out the post before this one)

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