Monday, December 17, 2012

Just So Pretty

You have probably noticed that
I occasionally stumble upon things that
I become enamored with.
due to my Scandinooovian Geekiness....
this web site
has my attention.

I am impressed with the volume of updates this gal does!!!
Every time I get on her site,
there is new Scandinooovian information and beautiful pictures
to devour!
Check it out to find the links to these pics.

These are a couple of my favorites today!
; )

Those little round things are traditional
rye crackers.
Gonna find a recipe.
Love rye. 
; )

Just love this.

This child's cheeks are as round
as my cheeks when I was
a babe.
Such a beautiful picture.


I need to sing a Christmas carol!

Think I'll wear an embroidered vest today.
My sister/friend Vickie will be very 
pleased with me
(as she is a costume lover..)

Enjoy the season of celebration today...
and celebrate
was born.

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