Monday, December 24, 2012

Glaedelig Jul

Merry Christmas!

In the life I dream of,
we have brothers, sisters,
nieces, nephews,
children, grand children,
cousins, friends...
celebrating Christmas

I would have this great house
where everyone fit
and we would dance and sing
and eat
and just enjoy each other's


I would have many wreaths.

My table would look similar to this 
(I'd borrow Hillary's deer head.....)

A large spread of Danish foods

We would have happy
reindeer pets who smile and
pull our sleighs.

Our children and grand children would
dress like this.
(wouldn't that just be adorable...)

We would eat sweet things.

I'd have cute little decorations for the children
(and me.... )

We'd dance and wear costumes
and just be so happy!!!

Then we would go to the little white
church down the road
and sing Christmas Carols
sing about our 
dear, dear

Thanks for participating in my
fantasy land.
It made me so happy.
; )

Gud Jul to 
you and yours
from nana and papa
who love you all so much!!!!



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