Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, my beautiful Idaho.....

I have been a little distracted lately due to many things,
one of them being the Idaho fires.

My beautiful IDAHO




The picture below is Pocatello.
66 homes burned to the
: (

It is heartbreaking.

The thick, smokey air is a reminder of
all the destruction that continues
to spread across Idaho
and surrounding states.

My heart goes out to all of the displaced
families who now have nothing,
and I pray for healing to 
commence for everyone
and for the earth.

It is difficult to look at the bright side of things.

But being the optimist I am,
I know that things will regenerate,

These are some pictures taken at 
 Yellowstone National Park after the
fires of 1998.

The first two are ten years after the fires.

One year after the fires.

So, there is hope.
; )

Which means all can and will
be better.

Sending lots of love and joy your way,
cuz you are just the best.
the best!!!

xoxoxo d

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  1. Yes, there is hope! I didn't realize how bad it was this year. So sad :(


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