Thursday, April 05, 2012

William Eggleston: Photographer

"... the commonplace 
 ~ Film Maker Michael Almereyda 
on Eggleston's work

Such an interesting guy and perspective.

William J. Eggleston was born in Memphis, Tennesse, but grew up in the small Mississippi town of Sumner. He became known as "the father of color photography" for his striking photos of people, events and landscapes in the South.

"Although he had been been a professional photographer for several years in the South, it wasn't until a visit to New York City in 1967 that Eggleston became known outside that area, when the curator of the Museum of Modern Art saw a collection of Eggleston's slides and was so taken with them that several years later he arranged an exhibition of Eggleston's work at the MoMA--the first individual exhibition of color photography in that institution's history--and it helped make Eggleston a household name in the art world. It wasn't long before his photos were exhibited abroad to great acclaim. He won the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography in 1988, the Gold Medal for Photography from the National Arts Club in 2003 and was awarded the Getty Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Center of Photography in 2004."

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I just love them all.

My Cousin Colene 
had this picture of our mothers/aunts/uncle
on facebook.
It reminds me of 
Eggleston's photographs kind of!
I sure love these wonderful 

I wish my mom could have seen
delightful Daphne.
I know she would have
gotten such a kick
out of this smiley girl.

Here she is giggling
at her silly mama.
; )

Oh Daphne!  
You are divine!

Easter is around the corner.
I hope you all have a wonderful
celebration of
Eat lots of ham and cheesy potatoes
for me, 

Love to you all!
xoxoo d


  1. Wow. I love the photos. He had a lot of color and hand drawn text to work with. What a fun time to be a photographer! My favorite is the peaches sign and daphne.

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