Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tucson aka Paradise ; )

"Life's a Happy Song...."

"With someone by your side
to sing along..."

Goio and the twirly-copter.....

Princess Pen....

Running away with my suitcase.
"No, Nana no go."
Spoken like a perfect little two year old.
; )

Daphne the deeeee-light!!!!

 Hillary and Braiker!
What a joy to see them!!!



The Sonoran dog....

Stopped at the 
Fillmore, Utah Museum!
Always wanted to do this! 
(thank you Taylor!)


My great great (?) grandma
Lucretia Hancock Robison's rocking chair!
(she sat in it while coming over the plains,
with guns hid in her petticoats)


Lucretia's house, 
which is now a motel.

The blossoms in Page, Utah.

A good time was had by all.
We missed Papa terribly.
; (

But, I am still basking in the
glow of nana-land.

Sending happy vibes your way
along with 
joy joy joy.
; )

Love you!
xoxoxo d

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