Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Change Junky

I have been accused.
I admit.
I enjoy change.

Moving to Idaho Falls.
Made an offer on a home,
which was accepted.

house for sale.
; )

Obsessively decorating the
new home in my head.

That's my fatal flaw......
the obsessive decorating in my head.

The house has lots of browns
I think some blues would look
good with it.

So I have this dresser,
and am going
to use it for
my husbands
mancave TV.

Thinking of this....maybe.

The $2,700 table I would like
as it would look fab  in
this house.

And I like these wood tables,
and the orange with the blue,
of course.

My mind is spinning.
I did a thrift day today
and came upon these tables below.
Sold on Ebay for  $125.00 a piece.

I also found a fiberglass 
Eames chair.
Cream like the one below,
but with the bottom of the gray one.
$4.99 worth $499.00.
In the same day.

And then there is this side table.
$189.00 new.
Found one for $10.00.

Thrifting is just so...
addictive and 
; )

Maybe I can make the table.

Help me.
I am falling into an abyss
of obsession.

I can't get out.


this is my most recent favorite
The Lower Lights.
Country Hymns.
Love it.

Sending all my love your way,
you cheeky
; )

Take care!
xoxoo d

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  1. Don't give any current furniture away if it doesn't work anymore! We'll rent a trailer this summer and haul it back to our empty house! LOVE YOU!


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