Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Northern California Blues

I've been hankering for a trip down the
coast of Northern CA.
Redwoods, green hills, oak trees,
fog, ocean, wild flowers....
craving it all!
Grew up there,
and just miss the beauty, sometimes.

And the fruit trees, the wild yellow mustard.
This pic reminds me of
when we first moved to 
Pleasant HIll and there were
orchards on the hills across from our home.
I climbed the trees and jumped down
into the yellow flowers.

Many hours playing on the hills.


To cherry blooms I come,
and under the blossoms go to sleep -
no duties to be done!

They blossom, and then
we gaze, and then the blooms
scatter, and then...

On the plum tree
one blossom, one blossom-worth
of warmth.

Some people take their
cherry and plum blossoms very
; )

Sending sweet flowers your way,
to brighten up
your day.

Love to you all!
xoxo d

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